Anno Dracula 1999: Daikaiju by Kim Newman review


Earlier this year the BBC released its new take on the Dracula tale, with some praise and some criticism for its attempts to modernize the tale.

Luckily, author Kim Newman is well-schooled in the verse of the vampire as he continues his Anno Dracula series with Daikaku.

For the latest instalment, we follow the journey of vampire schoolgirl Nezumi, who is pitted against the world’s deadliest creatures after the party she is at is crashed by these intruders.

Newman’s strength lies in his ability to combine different worlds whilst creating a coherent and thrilling novel. For example. Daikaiju has winks and nods Godzilla whilst also homaging action classics such as Die Hard.

A strange mix, but it all works quite well on the page.

This vampire lore exists in an alternate reality where vampires freely roam the earth which in itself is a compelling concept, but adding the action and a Japanese angle makes this a real page-turner.

Anno Dracula 1999: Daikaiju is available now from Titan Books.



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