The Lighthouse review


Isolation over a long period of time can do strange things to people.

For Robert Eggers’ last film he played on the paranoia of a village that may or may not be targeted by a witch. The follow-up The Lighthouse pits two very different men together in complete isolation and gradual chaos descends.

Much like The Witch, The Lighthouse is beautifully shot with some stunning cinematography which really encapsulates you into this story.

Willem Dafoe is stunning in the lead role of Thomas Wake, a crusty, aging lighthouse keeper who may have some skeletons in the closet.

He is backed up by Robert Pattinson’s Thomas Howard, a man who has seemingly lost his way and needs funds to get back to the life he dreams of.

Eggers has clearly researched heavily into the behaviour and mannerisms of men at sea from the 1800s and completely immerses us into their world.

There are also splashes of surrealism as we hint at an evil at work in the lighthouse, with surreal imagery that wouldn’t look out of place in a David Lynch feature.

Unlike art-house horrors such as Midsommar, The Lighthouse doesn’t outstay its welcome at just a shade over 1 hour 45 minutes running time whilst reaching a twisted but satisfying conclusion.

Eggers was rumoured to be working on an update of Nosferatu, and on this evidence, the mind boggles at how he would tackle this source material.

Look out for The Lighthouse on limited release in cinemas across the UK throughout January.

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