Parasite (2019) review


In the aftermath of the Oscars announcements its easy to get caught up in the hype for films with multiple nominations.

Parasite, directed by Bong Joon-Ho is up for six awards and without trying to sound like I am going with the populist view; it’s fully deserving of all.

Essentially this is a grounded tale with themes of class, greed, and manipulation.

Like many great dramas, Parasite is at its best through its razor-sharp script which says more in a couple of lines than an elaborate action sequence could.

Having said this, Joon-Ho’s feature shocks us with sprinkles of shocking violence and the last 30 minutes which turn the tale completely on its head.

Heading up the cast is Kang-ho Song, a Joon-Ho veteran from Snowpiercer and The Host, who really conveys the desperation of his family’s situation whilst at the same time, conveying a streak of ruthlessness that could end up being his downfall.

There are sequences where your heart will be in your throat but its the conflicting emotions Parasite conveys that will grip you as a viewer.

It exists in a morally grey area where good and evil aren’t linear and it will have you scratching your head on who to back at certain points.

Parasite is a complex, yet utterly fascinating exploration of the human condition and the horror we bring on to ourselves by our own perceived needs.

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