15 Years Later is ‘The Fog’ the Worst Carpenter remake to date?


The horror remake craze of Hollywood was gathering pace in 2005, after reboot of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre became a box office hit.

Around the same time, John Carpenter’s films were starting to get a re-examining from Hollywood studios with whispers of remakes to Assault on Precinct 13, The Fog and even Halloween.

Come 2007, all of these projects had been released with only the Assault remake garnering minimal critical and fan support.

The less said of Rob Zombie’s Halloween the better, but quite possibly the most unpopular remake of a Carpenter property to date is Rupert Wainwright’s interpretation of The Fog.

Wainwright had already cut his directorial teeth in horror six years previous with 1999’s Stigmata, starring Patricia Arquette.

Carpenter and Debra Hill did express the desire to revisit the property again in the future, but Hill’s untimely passing in March 2005 due to cancer put pay to this idea; although both are credited as producers of this project.

Carpenter said of the film,

“”I come in and say hello to everybody. Go home.”

Where original version of The Fog had established feature actors such as Janet Leigh, Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Atkins and a budding Jamie Lee Curtis; Wainwright went for TV stars for his cast with the lead role of Nick Castle going to Smallville star Tom Welling.

Selma Blair took the place of Barbeau as Stevie Wayne, the local radio show host who teams up with Castle when her own son and the rest of the town are threatened by the vengeful spirits from the fog.

A rushed production from the start, The Fog was green-lit three weeks before the script had actually been completed plus the fact Welling was still filming Smallville Season 4 for another three weeks when production did start.

Other actors who were considered for Welling’s role of Castle included Henry Cavill, David Boreanaz and Jesse Metcalfe. Charisma Carpenter was also rumoured to be in for the role of Wayne plus Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas (although this rumour has never been confirmed by either camp).

Although critically panned on release on 14th October 2005, the film made a box office worldwide of $46.2 million off the back of an $18 million budget; so wasn’t a total commercial failure.

Having said this it has been firmly forgotten by horror fans in the 15 years since its release. What do you think of The Fog (2005)? Let us know in the comments.

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