Black Christmas (2019) review


When Black Christmas debuted back in 1974 cinema was very different, and ‘horror’ tropes were in some guises, very much in their infancy.

Fast-forward to this year, and we are now onto a second attempt to pump new blood into the Black Christmas brand.

Sadly, there is not much seasonal cheer here.

Black Christmas has been reconstructed into something so clumsy that even it’s occasional messages of powerful women and standing up to oppression are lost amongst a lackluster script and deeply unlikeable cast.

The opening shows promise and feel the most like its slasher forefathers with and intense stalk and slash, but the film never really regains any tension after this.

In fairness there are attempts for scares, including one lifted right from The Exorcist III but much in the same way as the entire film it feels like a race to the finish and lacks any tension.

Riley, our main girl is recovering from a suspected rape by a former student, while getting ready for Christmas with her sorority sisters. When a prank goes wrong, the girls are targeted by a sinister group on campus with deadly intentions.

Because every other line is just a sly dig at men, it gets grating after a while and you kind of switch off to these girls in peril. Even when one of the girl’s boyfriends calls her out on her bitchy behavior he is screamed at hysterically and thrown out of their house.

Who said shouting and screaming didn’t solve anything, right?

As we suspected the trailers released basically give the plot of Black Christmas away and eliminate any elements of surprises.

In comparison, I would rather watch the 2006 remake again than sit through Black Christmas 2019 anytime soon. Hopefully one day, someone can give the brand a remake worthy of the original or a sequel that kind scare us once again.

Black Christmas (2019) is in cinemas now.

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