Ghoster by Jason Arnopp review


Following up the quirky story The Last Days of Jack Sparks, Jason Arnopp tackles a host of timely issues in Ghoster.

We follow Kate as she plans to move her entire life from Leeds to Brighton for too good to be true Scott, who she met at a digital detox a handful of months before.

When she arrives at his flat overlooking the coastline, she finds an apartment that appears gutted and Scott nowhere to be seen.

Told through diary entries and flashbacks plus text messages, Ghoster is a modern-day look at the world of social media addiction, mental health issues and just to compound matters; a dollop of supernatural goings-on.

It may feel like an odd mix, but Arnopp handles the subject matter with confidence and incorporates plot twists at the right time to keep the story compelling.

As a lead character, Kate is for lack of a better phrase, human. She is impulsive, wants to be loved, struggles with past issues and can be downright annoying. This isn’t to say we don’t sympathise with her plight though, as she is written in a way that keeps you on her side, even when she does some crazy things.

Ghoster is very much a product of 2019 and feels timely, plus it tackles issues it’s sometimes easier to sweep under the rug than confront.

Ghoster by Jason Arnopp is available now on Amazon Kindle and Paperback.


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