The Witching Hour review


I must admit I never really got the craze about Most Haunted, a shows of that ilk when they extremely popular 10 or so years ago.

Dark Ditties’ latest episode pokes fun at this idea, with a team of paranormal investigators on their last chance saloon gave the case of a lifetime.

As we have come to expect from the series, there is a rich blend of dark humor with some genuinely chilling moments, including one right out of Exorcist III.

Joining the cast this time around is Ian Gelder (Game of Thrones), as renowned investigator Selwyn Parsons, who brings real gravitas to a role that’s partly Vincent Price and partly quite tragic.

He is joined by medium Marvin La’Fontane (Bruce Jones), who turns in quite a tragic story arc which began quite goofy. The devil, as they say, is in the detail, as The Witching Hour begins quite slapstick and hokey, but ratchets up the tension when they cross paths with Samantha, who has been having visions of a notorious killer who has taken on urban legend status.

This turns out to be Tyberius Krane, played with real verve by Ethan McKinley, who sells what could have been quite throwaway moments as genuinely creepy.

The overriding theme of the episode is the power of belief, and not just in religion or God, but in yourself and the convictions of your beliefs, whatever they are. It’s that unbelievable scenario, what if all this paranormal activity is real and it has sinister intentions?

With slick production value and a compelling story, The Witching Hour may be the best episode of Dark Ditties to date.

Look out for The Witching Hour on Amazon Prime in the coming months.

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