47 Metres Down Uncaged review



Sequels to shark films are hard things to pull off, just ask John D. Hancock, who was fired from Jaws 2 mid-production.

And so we come to Johannes Roberts’ unexpected sequel to box office hit, 47 Metres Down, which takes us to strange new places.

Admittedly shark films can be quite low brow and rely on jump scares a bit much, but that is one part that works extremely well here.

A group of four girls (including two sisters), decide to go diving in a secluded underwater set of Mayan caves and discover they are not alone.

At its best, Uncaged reminds us of the claustrophobic terror of The Descent, but at its worst there are moments that feel like a TV movie.

Our sharks have been trapped in these underwater caves for a lot of time and thus lost their colour and have gone blind, having been in the dark for so long.

This is quite believable as real fish have actually undergone similar adaptations in the deeper depths of the sea. Where things start to slip is when one fish (not a shark) screams at the girls, which in turn brings the sharks into play.

Whereas the CGI for 47 Metres Down was largely impressive and gave an accurate depiction of a Great White here they resemble something between a white and a Nurse shark. This again feels like a metaphor for the entire film; Uncaged doesn’t really know what it wants to be.

Our characters have little depth (excuse the pun) so when in extreme peril, with one set piece replicated three times, we don’t really give two damns about them.

Having said this, the shackles are released in a truly bonkers finale which feels quite out of place with some of the tension that has come before, but is barrels of fun to watch.

We never really needed a sequel to 47 Metres Down, but it’s fair to say we won’t be plummeting to these depths again anytime soon.

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