Trick or Treat Picture Show review

trick or treat picture show.jpg

Seen as a tribute to the kids of the 1980s and the VHS era, The Trick or Treat Picture Show is a unique concept.

Effectively an anthology of short films set around the themes of All Hallows Eve, is at times very effective but does suffer from pacing issues.

It’s filmed it quite a jarring way, where segments are sometimes interrupted by public service announcements and we also have some retro recipe adverts throughout that take you out of the film entirely.

As someone who isn’t used to this style of the film, it was hard to re-engage with the stories in-between the adverts plus it feels like there are probably too many.

Having said this, the individual segments work fine as stand-alone shorts with the most effective being based around a search for malevolent spirits.

‘The Invader’ also takes us to some dark places and is well-paced, before an intense finale.

Director Anthony Ashmore also lends a hand to a fantastic synth score that feels straight out of the ’80s and The Trick or Treat Picture Show aesthetically really makes the most of its $150,000 budget.

It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but The Trick or Treat Picture Show offers something different than your usual slice of pumpkin-flavored horror for this time of year.




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