New Elm Street fan film Up All Night announced


A crowdfunding campaign has been launched for new Elm Street fan film Up All Night, co-produced by Freddy alumni Mick Strawn.

The story follows a young lady who has been stalked by a burned man in a fedora. He has been tormenting her, and her friends, for a number of weeks now – picking them off one at a time.

His visits are getting more violent and she knows her time is coming. Now her nights are spent in the nightclubs. Loud music, energy drinks and random encounters with strangers being nothing more than an unsavoury method to stay awake.

Tonight is just like any other night and the man she meets is just like the other chancers who approached her on previous nights. But she can’t keep this lifestyle up forever. Something has to give…

If you would like to support Up All Night, visit their IndieGoGo page.

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