Candy Corn review


Blending slasher tropes and adding a dash of Halloween-themed supernatural motifs and we have Candy Corn.

After outcast Jacob Atkins is accidentally killed during a hazing gone too far, he is resurrected by the local travelling carnival and with murder on his mind.

What is quite unique about Candy Corn is the gravitas it puts on all the deaths that happen during the film. This trope doesn’t always work but for the first couple of killings this is extremely effective.

Slasher films usually have a body count quota and thus don’t linger too much on the effect it has on the people around them.

We have effective cameos from P.J Soles and Tony Todd, who are revelling in two roles very different from their usual.

The kills are gruesome and barring the odd spatter of CGI blood there are some great practical effects for gore fans to admire.

Candy Corn has excellent production value too and is really well shot by director Josh Hasty, with a real autumnal/Halloween feel to it.

The only disappointing part of the film is its finale that feels a little flat with the feeling we were building up to something a bit more spectacular.

Candy Corn is part of the Arrow Video Frightfest Halloween Special.

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