‘The Blair Witch Project’ by Russ Gomm review


It feels weird that the Blair Witch Project turns 20 this year.

This was one of the motivating factors behind seeking out Russ Gomm’s compact but jam-packed retrospective.

Gomm delves into the history of the film, its film crew and the phenomenon that it has left behind.

There’s no doubt that found footage horror may not exist in the same way today without Blair Witch and finding out how the story came together makes this a truly enthralling read.

From the fabricated mythology of both Elly Kedward and Rustin Parr to the filming methods to keep the three ‘filmmakers’ scared out of their wits; there’s something for everyone here.

Gomm also goes beyond Blair Witch and examines the ill-fated sequels and spin-offs such as the must-have Dossier book and PC games of the 2000s.

There’s also a sly mention of Adam Wingard’s semi-reboot Blair Witch and its masterful reveal from a Comic-Con screening, going under the guise of The Woods.

This book is a must-read for Blair Witch fans but also for lovers of cinema and those of us who thrive on the behind the scenes nuggets that make these sort of films so special.

Happy Birthday to the Blair Witch!


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