Deep Dish Apocalypse review


Who’d have thought a product from a cow could bring on the apocalypse?

This is the rolling theme of inventive and quirky short film Deep Dish Apocalypse.

Traci is on the run from the zombie apocalypse and just needs to catch the train and get the hell out of town when she meets a face from her past.

Deep Dish Apocalypse perfectly mixes slight tension with bucket loads of comedy crammed into its 8 minutes running time.

Traci played by Emily Bell has excellent on-screen chemistry with the mysterious Doug (Ron Moorhouse), which certainly helps the film hit the ground running with a story that could falter in lesser hands.

You may feel like the apocalypse theme has been done to death but this short shows there is plenty of life in the motif yet.

Give Deep Dish Apocalypse a watch below and let us know your verdicts in the comments.


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