Lock Every Door by Riley Sager review


Riley Sager’s third novel Lock Every Door blends themes of mystery and paranoia for another compelling read.

Lock Every Door follows Jules, a desperate and practically homeless mid-20’s girl who takes on the role of apartment sitter at New York’s mysterious Bartholomew building.

With a dark past and some strange residents, Jules is already quite weary until one night she hears a scream from one of the apartments nearby.

Jules is a sympathetic character from the get-go but Sager spends plenty of time creating a full book, if you will, of fleshed out and interesting characters.

As with his previous books, this is very much a bread crumb trail with clues sprinkled throughout to some of the stories bigger themes.

Although there is a jumping-off point that could have spoiled the plot, Sager does address this and powers through for a satisfying ending.

More so than Final Girls and The Last Time I Lied, Lock Every Door has some very timely social commentary embedded into its themes, with moments that will anger you and then at some points make you want to punch the air in celebration.

Continuing his hot streak Riley Sager is fast becoming one of the best horror authors of the past five years.

Lock Every Door is now available on Amazon in Paperback or Kindle format.

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