Capsized: Blood in the Water review


Discovery added something original for this year’s Shark Week with the original feature film production Capsized: Blood in the Water.

Fronted by Josh Duhamel it retells the true story of a group of five people whose boat capsizes’ in a storm and they are then hunted by a pack of tiger sharks.

It would have been quite easy to sensationalize action and attack scenes for Capsized but like other films such as Open Water and The Reef, this feels like a very grounded approach to a deadly situation.

The attack scenes are quite realistic with the first one proving that less is more sometimes and feels particularly haunting.

What is quite refreshing is to see a shark other than a Great White on screen as a pack of Tiger sharks terrorises the group in the aftermath of the storm. It would have been quite easy to go with the more familiar-looking White shark but it’s good the producers stuck to their guns.

Capsized: Blood in the Water does have pacing problems as moments of note are few and far between and we do go chunks of time without anything of note taking place.

We do have a different perspective of the incident as we flit back to the coast guard although those characters feel like cardboard cutouts.

During the closing credits, we see what became of the survivors which become quite poignant. Capsized: Blood in the Water is a decent first attempt at a feature film for Shark Week although people expecting something spectacular will be sorely disappointed.

It will be interesting to see if this is a jumping-off point for Discovery or a one-off gig; only time will tell.

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