Critters Attack review


With the success of Blumhouse’ Halloween last year other franchises are looking to capitalise on it with their own revivals.

One of the more interesting has been the news of the VHS era monster series Critters.

Released in the mid 80’s and slammed by critics as a Gremlins ripoff it went on to spawn three more films with the last being Critters in Space from 1992.

After the Shudder limited series Critters: A New Binge was panned, hopes for the fifth film Critters Attack were quite low.

Having said this; Attack knows what kind of movie it is and doesn’t take itself too seriously – and is all the better for it.

Our killer fur balls return to earth for another round of bloodshed but are followed by a mysterious female Crite.

Little do they know that Helen Brown from the original film has been waiting for them and is prepared.

Wallace has essentially become this story’s Laurie Strode and is locked and loaded and ready to kick some ass. Sadly she is sidelined for a large chunk of the film and only really comes into play for the finale.

Despite occasional bits of ropey CGI its delightful how much of the film is practical effects, harking back to the franchises’ 80’s routes.

There are some creative kills and Critters Attack does try to do something different and certainly does a better job than the TV series – maybe a new binge of Critters could be on the menu in the future after all.

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