Support Third ‘Jester’ Short Film

The Jester 3 .jpg

A crowdfunder for the third short film of ‘The Jester’ series has been announced by MakeDo Entertainment.

Last year the company debuted The Jester Chapter 2 and now with your help, they are looking to complete their trilogy.

The original Jester short was released in 2016 and proved a smash hit, clocking up over 14 million YouTube hits to date.

The aim for The Jester: Chapter 3 is to make something bigger and better than the previous two films.

Colin Krawchuk from MakeDo Entertainment commented,

“For The Jester: Chapter 3, we sat down and looked back at our previous projects, highlighting what we’ve been able to accomplish with our limitations, what areas we’ve always had trouble filling out, and what we would need to finally accomplish goals that originally seemed out of reach.

“We determined that a budget of $8,000 could get us there properly.”

You can support The Jester: Chapter 3 on GoFundMe.

Watch the teaser for The Jester: Chapter 3 below –

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