Is ‘Bait 3D’ an underrated Shark thriller?


I must admit that when Bait 3D was released back in 2012 I wasn’t that impressed with it; mainly due to writing off the shark special effects.

Fast forward seven years and a re-watch on Netflix in the wake of what feels like a shark movie revival with the sequel to 47 Metres Down incoming plus a brand original shark attack movie during Shark Week 2019 and I saw the film in a different light.

Starting with an initial shark attack Bait essentially becomes an invasion movie but instead of burglars, the inhabitants of a supermarket are forced to deal with two apex predators flush into their town by a tsunami.

Now admittedly I still feel the shark effects were quite ropey; mainly the ones that require CGI whereas the model sharks (of which three were built) move really well and makes for some intense scenes.

Much the same as the recent theatrical shark successes at the box office Bait does focus on their human characters instead of the sharks.

Going back to survival horror this comes a year before Adam Wingard’s You’re Next, which also starred Sharni Vinson as one of most memorable (and resourceful) final girls in living memory.

What Bait becomes though is more of a redemption tale for Josh (Xavier Samuel) whose friend is spectacularly devoured by a shark in the first reel whilst working as a lifeguard at the local beach.

Although formulaic this sort of film works best when you suspend disbelief and just enjoy the ride.

Initially, Russel Mulcahy was set to direct the film but due to scheduling issues with his work on the Teen Wolf TV series, he was replaced by Kimble Rendall.

Unfortunately, he has only directed one film since Bait, 2018’s Guardian of the Tomb. Due to the success of the film outside of Australia, a sequel was announced by Arclight Films but reportedly canceled.

Titled ‘Deep Water’ it would follow the survivors of a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean flying between China and Australia. The film was abruptly canceled in March 2014 due its storyline mirroring the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

The way Bait ends certainly lends itself to a sequel as the survivors escape the supermarket having killed the two sharks but it is never mentioned whether other attacks occur in different areas of the sea-infested town.

What do you think of Bait 3D? Let us know in the comments.


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