Exorcist Falls by Jonathan Janz review


The demonic possession arena may feel slightly overcrowded but trust me Exorcist Falls certainly brings something fresh and bloody to the table.

Including the novella Exorcist Road, Janz adds context to the tale which blends demons and the hunt for a serial killer.

We follow the journey of Father Jason Crowder a young priest who is tasked with ridding the world of a deadly demon and also hunting the killer.

Much like Janz’ novel Children of the Dark, Exorcist Falls picks its moments but goes to some of the darkest places a story can go.

This writer really wants you to feel the depravity of this devilish entity with some parts guaranteed to turn your stomach.

If you have an iron belly you will be fine but be warned this isn’t for the squeamish.

Similiar to Children of the Dark, Janz writes interesting characters who we can become invested in so when they are put in mortal danger there is genuine concern for their wellbeing.

Exorcist Falls will delight fans of the Exorcist series and also gore hounds craving something different, but remember nothing will set you up for its shocking finale.

Exorcist Falls from Jonathan Janz is available now in Paperback and on Amazon Kindle.

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