Starks Films drops trailer for new horror ‘The Understanding’

The Understanding.jpg

The British independent film making team at Starks Films, has announced their horror movie, “The understanding” to be shown selected cinemas in the UK and US this summer.

The VOD distributing platform is yet to be announced following the theatrical released as The filmmakers are focusing their efforts on the completion of the movie. With hundreds of emails every day from horror fans and actors regarding castings, Starks Films are eager to get horror fans engaged in the movie as they spend the coming weeks shooting pickups around the UK ready for their completion date in July.

With Adam Starks Directing, this will be his 8th feature but also a first step into the horror genre. He has said

“We’ve had success with previous movies and the followers who watch our films tend to go with us into whichever genre we make so hopefully they will enjoy ‘The Understanding’ just as much.

“But most of all we hope horror fans enjoy the movie, we spoke to a lot of horror fans about the things they love about horror which has prompted us to go about making this movie in a slightly different way to how many mainstream horrors are made these days”.

Previous credits from Adam Starks include the war movie ‘The Art of War’ and ‘Low Flyers’ a successful British comedy movie surrounding four underachieving teenage guys. Movies from Starks Films have made headway on VOD platforms and cinemas which has subsequently led to the growing popularity of Starks Films as an Independent British production company since 2012.

Watch the trailer for The Understanding below –

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