Art the Clown thanks fans for Terrifier 2 support

Terrifier 2 -1.png

Art the Clown actor David Howard Thornton has thanked fans of the brutal horror series after the crowdfunded sequel was 200% funded in under 24 hours.

Terrifier saw the twisted and mysterious clown stalk a pair of teenage girls on Halloween night, with horrific consequences.

David Howard Thornton said,

“I just want to say that I am so grateful for everyone’s generosity!

“The fans have surpassed our expectations. We’re still a lower budget indie film compared to mainstream horror films, so every dime we are raising is helping us make this into the sequel you all deserve

“We hope to add some more perks and incentives too, so please keep donating! Thanks so much!”

Director Damien Leone has teased that with over $100,000 pledged the crew of Terrifier 2 will be able to approach a well-known horror genre actor to star in the film as well as filming even gorier death scenes.

You can still donate to Terrifier 2’s IndieGoGo campaign.

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