Megalodon (2018) review


The SyFy channel never miss the opportunity for a killer shark film with 2018’s Megalodon seen as pastiche on that summer’s The Meg.

Unlike that Jason Statham vehicle, Megalodon comes across as more of a desperate attempt to amp up political rivalry between the US and Russia.

The shark itself becomes almost a peripheral figure in its own figure as the crew of a US navy ship who salute each other 30 seconds, recover members of a Russian sub after they are attacked by the Meg.

Whereas The Meg looked at the shark from more of a scientific point of view as it wreaked havoc, this shark seems to swim around in circles and is determined to take down the Americans.

Michael Madsen weighs in with a wooden cameo as an experienced Naval man who must help stop this killer shark but also the threat of the ‘evil’ Russians.

Megalodon descends into action parody as the respective crews fight it out whilst our shark is just chilling below waiting for his last five minute cameo.

A disjointed plot that vastly underuses its giant shark, you’d be better sitting back and unplugging your brain to a Sharknado movie.

Megalodon is available now on DVD.

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