DemonHuntr Brings Unabashed Queerness and Diversity to horror


Freaky Fighty Funny Films and Lesson One Entertainment have teamed up on a new digital series DemonHuntr, helmed by creator/showrunner Tim O’Leary (Wolf Island, SGM seeks LTR in NYC.)

A love-child of Sabrina and Ash vs. the Evil Dead, DemonHuntr tells the story of gay/straight best friends trying to get by as mediums in the new “gig economy.” Through their DemonHuntr app, they charge a nominal fee to solve mysteries and fight things that go bump in the night.

And maybe sleep with them, as well. It’s LA, after all.
Over the course of the series, they team up with an Asian lesbian private eye, a bisexual Latinx psychic, and all sorts of supernatural characters.

The show promises to bring queerness and diversity to the forefront of the comedy horror genre. Although diversity in entertainment is at an all time demand, with the undeniable success of films like Get Out, Black Panther, Crazy Rich Asians, there’s still a long way to go.

Creator Tim O’Leary says,
“There’s no doubt we are in a new paradigm, with more people of color, women and LGBTQIA folk featured in stories than ever before. Yet, queer characters are almost never the leads. And when they are, it’s usually in a romantic comedy or a drama and they’re usually white.

“With DemonHuntr, we’re giving queer and POC characters a chance to be sexy, funny, and kick some serious butt. Everyone’s getting a seat at the table.”

Demonhuntr is running a crowdfunding campaign to round out the production. They’ve raised over 10K in less than a week with a total goal of $36,666. You can find out more info and contribute to the project through the Campaign page.


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