‘Georgie’ IT short film review

Georgie it short film.jpg

Last month we spoke to Writer and Producer John Campopiano about his short fan film ‘Georgie’ based on the 1990 TV movie adaptation of Stephen King’s IT.

This surreal and Lynch-esque tale focuses on Georgie and Bill Denbrough’s mother who is still living in Derry, haunted by the memory of her lost son.

Now separated from her husband who she had become disconnected from following their youngest son’s murder by Pennywise, she still lives in their family home.

With a feel of an outsider and a real offbeat atmosphere, Mrs. Denbrough channels the spirit of Georgie but having been consumed by Pennywise’s deadlights she might not like what she finds.

Original Georgie actor Tony Dakota reprises his role and with a couple of winks, he fully immerses himself in what has become a twisted role.

The death of the youngest Denbrough is the catalyst to the Loser’s Club tracking down and stopping Pennywise in the original story and this short feels like a natural if surreal continuation of that world.

Watch ‘Georgie’ below on Fangoria and let us know your verdict in the comments section

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