What We Do In The Shadows Season 1 review

Like many fans of cult favourite What We Do in the Shadows, I was somewhat puzzled when I found it was becoming a TV series.

The worry is that TV adaptations of films will tread over the same ground but at a more drawn out pace. Luckily What We Do….. brings in fresh blood with a new cast of vampires, changes the location to Staten Island and goes in many different directions.

The new cast bring a freshness and comedic chops which makes this in some cases funnier than the film version. Matt Berry’s Laszlo is a standout, plus anyone who has seen The IT Crowd will know all about his comedic delivery and timing.

As well as our three main vampires, they are flanked by ‘Familiar’ Guillermo who longs to be a vampire and ’emotional’ vampire Colin Robinson.

With a host of cameos and some great stand alone episodes What We Do in the Shadows more than justifies its existence on the small screen. There are hints towards the end of the season of potential arcs that could play out depending on how long the series plans to run for.

As long as the showrunners continue to not take its narrative too seriously and keep this cast together, there’s hope it could run for quite a number of years yet.

There’s plenty to sink your teeth into here.

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