Lower East Side Film Festival features indie horror premieres

New York City’s Lower East Side Film Festival will feature the premieres of indie horror ‘This Is Our Home’ and the ‘Mind F*ck Night short film showcase.

This Is Our Home follows Reina (Simone Policano) and Cory (Jeff Ayars), college sweethearts who have grown distant in recent months after a personal tragedy. In a last-ditch effort to reconnect, Cory takes Reina upstate to her childhood home. Despite a tense backwoods encounter with two locals, they arrive safely at the vacant, picturesque home and start to settle in.

That is, until a knock on the door brings them face-to-face with Zeke, a lost child who claims to be their son. Once they agree to take him in until morning, a growing bond between Reina & Zeke sets off a surreal, sleepless night that tests the limits of Reina and Cory’s relationship.

This year’s program also features the always popular MIND F*CK NIGHT Shorts Showcase, a mix of horror, experimental, and mind-bending short films from cutting edge filmmakers.


Thread. Directed by Max Rosen. Starring Lorelei Ramirez, Ana Fabrega (At Home with Amy Sedaris, High Maintenance), Beth Hoyt, (Inside Amy Schumer), featuring John Early (Search Party). A young woman working as an office assistant at a millennial culture website comes down with a mysterious illness.

Watch Room. Directed by Noah Wagner. Starring Mamoudou Athie (The Get Down, The Front Runner), Natalie Paul (HBO’s The Deuce),  Jacob Batalon (Avengers: Endgame, Spider-man: Homecoming), Alice Kremelberg (Orange Is The New Black). Lifelong friends and scientists Nate, Chloe and Bernard believe they are safely creating A.I. within virtual reality, until their creation, Kate, learns it’s at risk of being shut down. NEW YORK PREMIERE

Father Figurine. Directed by Matt Kazman. Starring Amy Landecker (Transparent), Katherine Reis (Rise, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), Ryan Foust, David Rasche (VEEP, Burn After Reading). When the wealthy patriarch of a family dies, they discover a rather unusual request in his will… NEW YORK PREMIERE

Dominant Species Directed by Joseph Sackett. 10 aliens in human host bodies learn how to be men. Starring Julian Cihi (The Tick, Mr. Robot).  NEW YORK PREMIERE

Find out more about the Lower East Side Film Festival

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