Creaker review

This short (very short – it’s a four minute movie but a minute is taken up with credits) is an independent from Norway directed by Vidar T. Aune, who was also art director on the film.

Set in the 1980s, in the bedroom of a teenage girl (Astrid Oline Rinnan Green), suspicions are raised from the start; at first look her room is typical of someone her age, with nick nacks and photos of pretty boys in bands.

But look a little closer and one can see, surrounding her portable TV, piles of VHS tapes with titles like Demons, (Butcher Baker) Nightmare Maker and something called Baarbar (Norwegian for Barbarian).

The girl is in bed but a series of creaking noises keeps her awake. Is it the door to her room opening, or maybe the closet; perhaps it’s just the sounds of an approaching storm? Either way she’s not going to let her fear get the better of her, but her gung-ho spirit is about to get her into big trouble.

Probably the best coded warning of the perils of the consumption of video nasties I’ve ever seen, Aune’s film is terribly short (it’s gone almost before you can work out what’s going on); its other strength is its sound design.

An EC comics ending doesn’t exactly come as a surprise, but it’s a good calling card for this director.

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