Finders Keepers by Stephen King review

In terms of King’s modern day outputs, Mr Mercedes was considered a real triumph and one of his finest books in some time.

Going for a mix of modern day terrorism and police procedural helped audiences devour it and thus spawn the TV series which is now going into a third run.

Finders Keepers is a big departure from the Mercedes tale, although set in the same universe this is a very different story, in tone and execution.

Whereas Mercedes goes for the jugular in the first reel and builds to an intense finale, Keepers is much more of a slow burn, which could catch some readers off guard – expecting a full throttle tale.

Unfortunately this works against the book as it feels like we get a third of the story through before it really hits stride, which also coincides with the first appearance of the returning Hodges.

As the heartbeat of Mercedes it’s Hodges who carries the story from here as he develops his own agency, Finders Keepers with Holly Gibney (the lady who took down Brady in the first novel).

Although there are unexpected hints to where the Hartsfield plot thread could go in End of Watch (the final book of the trilogy), we focus on a crazed book fan who is steals the work of a notorious author before being imprisoned for decades.

Upon release he has one goal, regain the books he feels are his by rite and also dig up the money he stole from the dead author all those years ago.

Keepers does gain traction in the later chapters but can’t rescue this book from feeling like a missed opportunity.

It will be interesting to see how End of Watch closes this loose trilogy of Bill Hodges.

Finders Keepers is available now on Amazon.

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