The Chalk Man by C.J Tudor review

Taking inspiration from the best coming of age tales from the Stephen King library, C.J Tudor’s The Chalk Man is a stunning debut.

We skirt between 1986 and 2016 with Ed, a boy who becomes a forty something still living in his hometown after an extraordinary childhood.

Tudor invests time in our ensemble of Ed, ‘Metal Mickey’, Nicky, Fat Gav and Hoppo who are akin to a British version of King’s Loser’s Club from IT.

This is a story full of twists and turns in the vein of a crime thriller too as just at the point you feel you’ve figured it out Tudor throws you a curve ball.

Although not everything works, the majority of the plot flows well and has the tendency to shock. The finale is certainly twisted and puts a different perspective on the entire story but doesn’t derail what is a compelling tale.

The Chalk Man is an essential read for horror fans who love a good mystery or two to solve.

The Chalk Man is available on Amazon now.

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