Highlights announced for Paracinema Film Festival 2019

Some of the highlights of Derby’s Paracinema Film Festival have been announced, which takes place between 3rd and 6th May at the Quad.

On Saturday 4th May the festival welcomes Emily Booth for an on-stage Q+A. Emily has been a mainstay on the UK horror scene since her early appearances in Alex Chandon’s Pervirella (1997) and Cradle Of Fear (2001) & Jake West’s Evil Aliens (2005) and Doghouse (2009). She reunited with Alex Chandon for his wonderful Inbred (2012) and will be next seen in Drew Cullingham’s Shed Of The Dead (2019).

Later that day Paracinema steps outside QUAD’s walls for a very special screening. Joining forces with Derby’s internationally recognised Blok Knives to present a unique screening of A Nightmare On Elm Street. Blok Knives produced kitchen knives lovingly handcrafted in Derbyshire. What better place to showcase Freddy Krueger’s innovative use of knives than in the surroundings of Derbyshire’s premier knife factory?

Alternatively you can choose a screening of body horror Diamantino, which is being shown at the Quad at 8pm.

Everybody wants a piece of Portuguese football superstar Diamantino Matamouros: his father sees a champion, his sisters see a meal ticket, and his country sees a hero. So far so normal….but that is where normal stops.

Grand Prix winner of Cannes Critics’ Week this is a shape-shifting fairy tale, a gender-bending romance, a sci-fi body horror, and an uproarious social satire of modern Europe. Funny and insightful, it is without doubt the strangest film you will experience this year!

On Friday and the Sunday of the festival you will get the chance to see the critically acclaimed Knife + Heart.

In the heart of a neon drenched Paris 1979, film director Anne has made a career in the gay porn market. But as a masked serial killer starts to kill off her cast one by one, Anne embraces the situation, turning real life into movies!

These are just a snippet of what’s available at Paracinema Film Festival, find out more and book tickets Here

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