Support 10/31 sequel on IndieGoGo

A sequel to indie Halloween horror anthology 10/31 has been announced on IndieGoGo.

Yesterday the stunning new artwork for the project was announced, designed by Brutal Posters who have previously worked on other independent horror films such as the upcoming creature feature The Barge People.

Directors for the project were previously announced as –

Drew Marvick (Pool Party Massacre), Tristan Clay (Red Eye), Tory Van Buskirk (Come To Me Sister Mary) and Stephen Wolfe (Dracula’s Coffin)

Production on the first segment is already underway with Halloween 5 star Tamara Glynn set for an appearance.

10/31 was one of the highlights of the independent horror calendar in 2018 with a series of clever and blood curdling Halloween tales including the stunning roller disco massacre. The brain child of Rocky Gray (Evanescence), the Director is taking a backseat role this time around.

10/31 Part 2 is aiming to go one better with improved special effects plus the return of Malvolia Queen of Screams to introduce all the segments.

Perks for the IndieGoGo campaign include Blu Rays, VHS’ and Producer credits.

If you’d like to support 10/31 Part 2 visit their page Here

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