Crwodfunder launched for Chucky fan film ‘Charles’

A crowdfunder for a feature length fan film based on the Child’s Play series has been launched.

The synopsis of ‘Charles’ is as follows –

A young couple moved into their first apartment and encounter a red headed freckled doll. Soon they discover that their home and doll has an evil presence.

Perks for the campaign include poster prints, the chance to sit in behind the scenes on the making of the film as well as screen used Chucky dolls.

Writer and Producer Luis Serrano commented,

“I’m am a very huge Chucky fan and I’ve had the passion for filming a very scary Chucky movie for a long time.

“This project is for all Chucky fans and also pays homage to Don Mancini for creating this little iconic killer doll. I love the first original Child’s Play movie & to me its the scariest one of all the series. I want to bring that horror feel back with Chucky but changing & tweaking a few things I have in mind.”

If you’d like to support ‘Charles’ visit their Kickstarter page Here

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