Escape Room (2019) review

It may have slipped under the radar on its limited UK cinematic release but Escape Room offers a much more engrossing tale than you’d expect.

Escape Rooms may have seemed an easy target for a horror film setting and the comparisons with Saw are easy to make but unlike the latter Jigsaw sequels we have characters with stories worth hearing.

We’ve got some familiar faces here too with Daredevil’s Deborah Ann Woll and Scout Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse’s Logan Miller amongst the ensemble.

Whereas victims in Saw are kidnapped and transported into booby trapped places, here a group of rag tags with skeletons in their closets face primal fears such as burning to death, drowning, poison and freezing.

The action scenes are really intense and although you can slightly telegraph some deaths and jumps this doesn’t take you out of the film.

Pacing is key here too as Escape Room wastes no time in throwing the group into peril and instead of stopping to take breath, we get exposition as we go which makes for a thrilling watch.

It may be the most obvious statement but there is definitely franchise potential here too and instead of a twisted killer the perpetrators of Escape Room’s crimes is much more topical and corporate and the conclusion is very open ended.

Escape Room definitely deserves a second life on DVD & Digital when released later this year.

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