Stephen King Stories Ripe for a Sequel

With the Pet Sematary remake set to hit cinemas this week off the back of critical buzz, here we will look at some Stephen King stories that could be further adapted by Hollywood.

The mammoth story of IT is set to conclude with Chapter 2 later this year, but given the huge success of the first film; would it be out of the question to get a new tale for IT Chapter 3?

If Pet Sematary proves good box office dollars surely a sequel can be greenlit fairly easily. I know we saw a sequel to the 1989 film but I’m sure we’re all still trying to forget about that.

King has a sequel to one of his most famous works, The Shining, coming out in November with Doctor Sleep starring Ewan McGregor.

Here’s some (maybe far fetched) King tales that could have fast forward sequels or remakes –

Cujo – The story of a Saint Bernard, almost the anti-Beethoven, who is bitten by a bat and goes rapid to terrorise Dee Wallace and her son who are trapped in a car.

Salem’s Lot – Remade in the 2000’s, this story is crying out for a modern retelling with a sizeable budget and great cast or perhaps a sequel that will erase the memory of A Return to Salem’s Lot.

The Running Man – A story years ahead of its time, could a sequel with modern day political leanings be just the right medicine?

Firestarter – Originally this was going to be directed by John Carpenter first time around before he got the Christine gig. Blumhouse are moving forward with a remake of this.

Are there are any other King materials you’d like to see adapted or re-imagined? Let us know in the comments.

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