Casting Skeletor in Masters of the Universe reboot

With the surprising news that newcomer Noah Centineo could be handed the role of He-Man in the Masters of the Universe reboot; the obvious question is who could play his arch nemesis Skeletor?

Like the Joker to Batman this is pivotal casting that could make or break the film.

Although the 1987 film was a commercial flop, it has since gone on to garner a cult status; mainly due to Frank Langella’s portrayal of Skeletor.

Langella has also stated on numerous occasions this was his best role in his career to date.

Here’s some contenders to play Skeletor in the new movie:

Hugo Weaving – Weaving has the rasping voice to give Skeletor’s commands some base. His voicing of Megatron is the Transformers franchise is one of the bright sparks of the OTT Bayhem series.

Andy Serkis – If Masters went down to the motion capture route Serkis would be an obvious candidate. He has shown his commander credentials in the Star Wars series as the underused Supreme Leader Snoke and again would provide the booming vocal chords required for Skeletor.

Willem Dafoe – With the facial expression range you can’t teach, you could imagine Dafoe chewing up the scenery as Skeletor. A role such as this if the movie is a success could give his career a twilight shot in the arm.

Jason Momoa – If he’s willing to undergo the prosthetics to bring Skeletor to life, Momoa could market this type of film on his own. His charisma was magnetic in Aquaman and if he could pull of Skeletor’s darker tones he could be an unlikely and masterful (pun intended) choice.

Cillian Murphy – Anyone who has seen his portrayals of The Scarecrow and in Red Eye knows Murphy can do creepy.

Again another choice who would need to submit to a lot of makeup.

Michael Shannon – Much like Dafoe Shannon has a very distinctive look and knows his way around a villain as anyone who has seen The Shape of Water and Man of Steel will protest.

Those are just some of our choices, but who do you think should play Skeletor in Masters of the Universe? Let us know in the comments.

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