Us review

When a film, especially a horror film is built up to epic proportions it can be difficult not to go in with pre-conceived ideas.

Jordan Peele is coming off the back of the stellar success of Get Out and big things are expected.

Out of nowhere he has become a fresh voice of the genre, going at subjects from different perspectives.

Take US for example, we have a scene where an African American family are running to a white family for help and stereotypically it would mean their demise – but no here the black family are the protagonists which is extremely refreshing.

US is surprisingly funny too and although a couple of the laughs come at awkward times, most hit the mark.

Now we need to talk about Lupita Nyong’o.

Although she isn’t alone in a due role in US, her mix of pure psychopath with defiant yet broken mother is a tour de force worth the admission fee alone.

The plot goes to places you don’t expect and it feels richer for it. There were a few times I thought I’d telegraphed some scenes, but Peele either went a different direction or flipped things which will challenge the viewer.

The director also shows he knows his horror with a film scattered with easter eggs to series such as Jaws (one scene feels like a carbon copy), A Nightmare on Elm Street the best kinds of invasion horrors.

US is essential viewing and if Peele can carry on this run he end up in the same bracket as icons such as Craven and Carpenter.

US is out now in cinemas.

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