Slasher 15 Films announces Bloody Summer Camp

Independent horror studio Slasher 15 Films has announced their latest project Bloody Summer Camp.

It takes place in 1986 at a summer camp named Camp Trustfall. One week before camp opens, the staff are preparing the camp for the kids when counselors begin to go missing.

Someone sporting a leather devil mask is hacking the campers one by one. Is it the vengeful camper from the camp legend or is it someone else with an axe to grind?

The film will be funded by a Kickstarter campaign set to begin in early May. Starring horror actors such as Rita Christine, Matt Burns and Christian Jensen, Bloody Summer Camp promises to use plenty of gory practical effects in the vein of classic slashers such as Friday the 13th and The Burning.

The company’s previous film The Return of the Slasher Nurse has been announced as a headliner at the Creature Feature Weekend film festival in August.

Keep up to date with Bloody Summer Camp on Bloody Flicks.

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