Two Essential Modern Slashers You Need to See

A commonly used phrase by horror fans is there isn’t many decent slashers released anymore, but in the past three years we have had two excellent movies slip under the radar despite being superb.

Firstly 2016’s Fender Bender, Directed by Mark Pavia who oversaw another sleeper hit The Night Flier many moons ago, tells the story of a young girl who is stalked by a killer who hunts after getting her address through a fender bender.

Expertly shot, with an excellent soundtrack to boot, Fender Bender uses the slasher tropes we are used to and gives us something original. The killer, who wears a gimp mask to hide his identity may seem a bit goofy looking at first but once he hits stride he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Sadly this film didn’t get the exposure it deserved as the ending did hint at a possible sequel and who knows perhaps another slasher franchise to enjoy.

You can grab Fender Bender on Google Play for just £5.99.

The second film we are focusing on is the mysterious Quinn Lasher’s He’s Out There, which was screened at last year’s Arrow Video Frightfest before quietly slipping onto DVD and then Netflix soon after.

Originally the film was listed as being directed by The Last House on the Left helmer Dennis Iliadis, before being changed to Lasher, which some suspect is a pseudo name.

Much in the same way as Fender Bender, He’s Out There focusses on a young family who go to a picturesque retreat in the wilderness, only to find they are not alone.

He’s Out There is an exercise in tension as it builds up our mysterious and masked villain before he really unleashes chaos. Lasher has clearly seen the likes of Halloween, with some excellent shots where the killer inhabits the corner of a frame and sometimes that’s all that’s required to send a chill down our spines.

There are hints at a wider backstory for the killer, but luckily Lasher doesn’t give too much away and He’s Out There is much better for it.

So there you have it, two great slashers with masked villains giving the genre something fresh.

If you’ve got any suggestions for other modern slashers that have slippped under the radar, please comment below.

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