The Killers (short) review

By David Dent

This morally reprehensible but very entertaining 10-minute short was originally made as part of a 25 day film project in Philadelphia. It’s the account of three killers and their individual approaches to their ‘art,’ filmed as they go about their business.

Frank, who has 34 kills under his belt, preys on teenage females; Danny, with 30 kills, favours victims with personality orders; and Trish, whose 23 kills target depressed males.

We see each of the killers despatch their latest victim, talking a little straight to camera about why they do what they do as they do it.

And that’s it! No context, no morals, a kind of peppier (and much shorter) version of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. The Killers (a nod to the Kubrick film of the same name, possibly?) is sick, brief, and quite funny (Danny’s stalking of a victim with severe OCD had me laughing and then made me ashamed because I laughed).

I really liked it. But don’t tell anyone.

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