Frightfest: Beneath the Dark Heart of Cinema review

Frightfest has become an institution of the British horror scene which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

This documentary from Chris Collier chronicles the festival’s humble beginnings with opinions of organisers, festival goers and filmmakers alike.

The devil is in the detail here with some fascinating annecdotes, from the many venue changes to controversial premieres such as the Human Centipede and A Serbian Film.

As a film festival it has also been attended by well known Directors such as Guillermo del Toro, George A. Romero, Adam Green, Joe Lynch and icons of the genre such as Robert Englund and Jennifer Tilly.

What comes across here is the overwhelming sense of community that has been created by Frightfest and how it has expanded over its now two decades.

It’s not sugar coated either as we hear stories from the organisers of times when things don’t go to plan, from arguing with PR people to having flat out rows in alleyways that caused one of the directors to lose their voice!

For anyone like myself, who has never sampled Frightfest before this only makes you want to go more.

Ultimately ‘Beneath the Dark Heart of Cinema’ is a heartfelt look at a horror establishment which brings so many fans together each year and certainly makes you feel like the genre is better for it.

Frightfest: Beneath the Dark Heart of Cinema is available now on Google Play, Virgin Movies and iTunes.

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