Slaughterhouse Rulez review

The latest collaboration between Simon Pegg and Nick Frost is another attempt to try something different with the horror genre tropes.

We are transported to the strangely titled Slaughterhouse private school that we’re told could house future Prime Ministers etc. – basically a posh education with a lot of upturned noses.

There is minor political commentary about elitism, but although this may feel timely given the shambles of British politics you almost expect a former PM to shoe horned into the mix doing something unsightly to a farm animal.

Enter Don, a Northern lad who looks way too old to be in High School who is sent to the school as the last wish of his now deceased father.

From early on the foreshadowing is so obvious it gets a little repetitive by the mid-way stage of Slaughterhouse Rulez.

Once it shifts into gear this a fun monster horror romp in the vein Grabbers, but unfortunately some of the comedy feels forced and falls flat when it should soar.

The main issue is pacing, as we get so much exposition within the first hour that nothing of note really happens outside of getting to know the characters.

For a film of 1 hour 45 minutes it doesn’t need 60 minutes to setup where the plot is going.

Finn Cole’s Don leads the film well but it feels like Pegg, Frost and Michael Sheen’s characters are just thrown into the mix just to get some recognisable faces to people who had chosen to watch this because they were in it.

Slaughterhouse Rulez is one of the those you will probably watch once and quickly forget about. Expect it to grace Netflix any month soon.

Slaughterhouse Rulez is now available to watch on Download and is released on DVD & Blu Ray on 11th March.

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