‘Bad House’ announced by Dark Temple Motion Pictures

Independent UK horror studio Dark Temple Motion Pictures have announced their fifth project, a ghost story feature entitled ‘Bad House’.

Currently in post-production, the four week shoot took place in November and December last year.

In 1960s England, Blake Cunningham (David Lenik) and his unhinged alcoholic mother (Tessa Wood) are forced to move into the mysterious Clemonte Hall, a vast isolated manor house, to care for his dying Grandfather (Barrington De La Roche) who resides in the attic room, after his live-in nurse has mysteriously vanished.

Soon, ghostly goings-on fill the house with dread, as it becomes apparent Grandfather’s illness may have a sinister and supernatural cause that can only be cured by uncovering the dark and terrifying secrets of the house and its awful history…

Director Charlie Steeds commented,

“With ‘Bad House’ we’re trying our hand at traditional scares and eerie atmosphere, its a British ghost story set in the 1960s, inspired by our love for classics such as The Changeling and The Shining.

“We wanted to return to the tradition of proper ghost stories set in huge old mansions, with a slow burning sense of dread, rather than modern houses filled with long-haired pale-faced CGI ghosts and haunted dolls…

“Filming was done at our most spectacular location to date, a bleak country mansion, which became the ghostly ‘Clemonte Hall’ in which our very dark tale unfolds.”

Look out for the latest news on Bad House and Dark Temple’s The Barge People in the coming months.

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