Horror Noire review

The timing of Xavier Burgin’s exploration into the role of black people into horror feels perfect. Ever since the stellar success of Jordan Peele’s Get Out conversations have been rumbling on the representation of the black community in cinema.

Here we meet filmmakers and actors from different decades providing fascinating insight into the growth of black cinema from bit part stereotypes to fully fledged protagonists and antagonists, such as Tony Todd’s Candyman.

This isn’t just a documentary for horror fans, it has the depth and intrigue to reach a mainstream audience with its message.

The evolution of the characters written for black actors is changing, Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther was another triumph in the mainstream, but given the volatile political climate and the rise of far right movements across the world it’s good to be reminded that subliminally these opinions have been reinforced by cinema for decades.

Horror Noire has a stellar cast too with well known genre faces such as Ken Sagoes, Keith David, Ken Foree and Todd all chipping in with fascinating anecdotes.

We cover Night of the Living Dead to Blackula to The Girl With All The Gifts. Horror Noire is a tour de force that could have been double it’s 83 minutes and still be essential viewing. Recommended.

Horror Noire is streaming now on Shudder.

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