Now’s the time for a slasher musical!

This article comes off the back of watching the delightful Anna and the Apocalypse, and it struck me that we never really had a horror slasher musical of any note.

Anna… successfully mixed zombies, teen comedy and some damn catchy tunes. Just think of the possibilities with a really camp 80s style slasher?

Saw’s Darren Lynn Bousman dabbled into horror musicals with Repo: The Genetic Opera and The Devils Carnival, which is the closest we have come so far.

You will notice I have omitted 2014’s Stage Fright which didn’t hold a candle to its 80s original, coming across as something to appease fans of Glee.

Another Ryan Murphy property American Horror Story also made brief inroads in Season 4’s Freak Show with Jessica Lange’s interesting take on Bowie’s Life on Mars.

The tastes of mainstream audiences is evolving with soundtracks to films such as A Star is Born and The Greatest Showman being some of last year’s best sellers.

Now I’m not suggesting Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees break into a song or dance anytime soon, but some new stories and characters with added musical numbers could spice up the genre.

What do you think, does horror need a slasher musical? Let us know in the comments.

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