Rocky Gray talks ’10/31′ Part 2

One of the delights from the independent horror community last year, was the Halloween-themed anthology 10/31 from Director Rocky Gray.

We were delighted to hear that Gray is now working on a sequel, which is set to film later this year.

When did you decide you wanted to do 10/31 Part 2?

Honestly, I thought our little movie could be an every year or so thing since the beginning but it wasn’t until October 2018 that I felt like I could actually make that a reality.

I started putting the feelers out to directors in December and that’s when it officially became a thing.

What are the challenges for you taking on the project?

For this one I’m just producing so it is significantly better as far as the stress level haha. The biggest challenge is contacting the directors I want to get on board and looking at their schedules and seeing what works.

The biggest stress of this side of it is getting the funding together. Every filmmaker knows the uphill battle of trying to make that happen. That’s not the fun part for sure. After that though it’s pretty fun for me.

How many stories are you aiming for in this chapter?

We will have 4 or 5 and the Malvolia sequences for this one.

One of the stand out segments from Part 1 was the roller disco, do you plan something similiar this time around?

I don’t really plan anything for the films story wise, I let the directors flesh out their stories and then we make them happen. Johnny Holt really captured some magic for his Killing the Dance segment on the first film.

So far we don’t have anything quite like that but I’m sure there will be some segments that will be just as memorable.

Will Jennifer Nangle’s Malvolia play a bigger role this time around?

More Malvolia could be pretty cool I think. Jennifer is great to work with and was the first one on board for the new project so we’ve already begun to discuss what we can do.

I would love to see how the Cryptkeeper or Creepshow Creep style intros to the segments would go. We can always go back to just the intro and outro of the film if it just doesn’t work but I think it would be cool to try some new things with her character if we can.

Do you aim to direct and do the music for Part 2?

I am doing the music for all of the segments for 10/31 Part 2 but I do not plan on directing a segment for this one. I really wanted to spotlight a whole new set of great directors from the indie horror community if I couldn’t get everyone back from the first film and unfortunately there were other projects going on at the same time so we couldn’t make that happen. I love how this lineup is turning out though so I’m not disappointed at all.

Will this be a contemporary anthology or will it be set in the 80’s or another time period?

It’s all up the the directors and the writers. They have total freedom. If it is a period piece I’m all for it. I’m here to make sure their segments have a great soundtrack and they have what they need to make their part of this film the best it can be.

How pleasing was the reception for part 1?

It was amazing! It really felt like we accomplished what we set out to do. You can’t beat that.

When does filming start?

The first segment begins in early February.

Will there be a kickstarter for the project?

Yes. There will be an Indiegogo for this one and I’m getting that ready to launch as I type this.

Look out for more news on 10/31 Part 2 in the next few months.

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