’13 Fanboy’ could fill the Friday the 13th void in your life

With the on-going lawsuit between Sean Cunningham and Victor Miller for the rights to the Friday the 13th franchise; an independent film from a ‘Friday’ could help fill the void left by Jason Voorhees.

’13 Fanboy’ brings together some well known masked faces from the popular slasher franchise including Kane Hodder (Friday Pt. 7 to Jason X), C.J Graham (Jason Lives), Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th ‘1980’) as well as being directed by Friday the 13th Part V star Deborah Voorhees.

Lehman is also providing a song ‘Victim’ from his band First Jason for the soundtrack.

Included in the cast are other ‘Friday’ alumni Thom Matthews (Jason Lives), Tracie Savage (Part III) and Judie Aronson (The Final Chapter).

Described as Hush meets Cape Fear, ’13 Fanboy’ is about an obsessed fan who stalks with the intent to kill his favorite actresses from the franchise. As a child Kelsie, witnesses the murder of her grandmother, a Friday the 13th actress, at the hands of a crazy fanboy.

As an adult, she discovers her grandmother isn’t the only victim and finds herself battling to save the life of her grandmother’s best friend, also an actress from Friday the 13th, only to find she is now being targeted by the killer.

But who is the killer? So many suspects including the man (played by Andrew Leighty) lying beside her.

The project finished crowdfunding in December last year, with the aim of getting a physical release of the film this year.

You can still contribute to their IndieGoGo HERE

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