Commando Ninja review

Splicing together a host of well known action and science fiction films from the 80s, Commando Ninja is a rip roaring independent journey into actions heyday.

Admittedly some parts are quite out there to say the least, but the action is firmly tongue in cheek.

Only one moment really goes too far as a commando battles velociraptors in Vietnam, which comes across as more laughable than it needed to be.

Given the limited budget, the effects and particularly the action scenes are really impressive.

The choreography that went into some of the fights is excellent and will really grab viewers.

The dialogue as you expect is quite cheesy, but just rewatch those Schwarznegger films and they were just the same, so if anything it continues the homage. Let’s face it we don’t watch cheesy action films for monologues.

Former military man John Hunter is dragged away from his quiet retirement when his ex wife is killed and daughter kidnapped by a team fronted by ninjas.

The soundtrack is a full on synthwave affair, which really elevate lesser scenes with gusto.

Commando Ninja won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but its energy is infectious and there’s plenty to admire here.

Commando Ninja is available on YouTube from 21st December

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