Leprechaun Returns review

Taking its lead from Halloween, the Leprechaun franchise has sought about undoing the wrongs of the past, with a fast forward sequel.

Leprechaun in Da Hood and Space are now no longer part of this universe, created in Returns.

Presented by the SyFy channel this is a real attempt to get the series back to former glories by playing things fairly straight.

Taking the mantle of the titular character from Warwick Davis is newcomer Linden Porco, who also appeared in the latest series of Channel Zero (another SyFy property).

I have to say that although it’s not a perfect film, there is plenty to enjoy here with some creative kills and bits of humour from Porco, who is clearly revelling in the role.

The lynch pin which connects this film to the original, is that the daughter of Tory (Jennifer Aniston) from the original, goes to the home where her mother defeated the leprechaun 25 years ago but this brings the evil little beast back to life and with some real bloodlust.

It’s goofy and is more enjoyable when not taken too seriously; I think it’s safe to say this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the Leprechaun.


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