Slay Belles review

Bringing a camp and rollicking good time comes independent horror Slay Belles from Dread Central Presents.

A group of teenage girl YouTubers get more than they bargained for discovering the devil of Christmas Krampus and are forced to team up with Santa Claus to stop him.

From the get-go this film has a razor sharp wit layered right through it that begs you to take it lightly; it’s very much a preaching the fun of horror.

The horror comes in the kills that don’t hold back on the gore, but the edge is blunted for the better with some good laughs. The fact is Slay Belles just wouldn’t work as a serious tale.

Barry Bostwick really revels in his role as a disgruntled Santa but drops in a little bit of Christmas magic to keep the mood light with the looming threat of Krampus.

This isn’t Michael Dougherty’s style of Krampus with this version very much a loose version of the character, with a lust for chaos but also hilariously women.

As an enclosed tale Slay Belles is a romp and tonnes of festive gory fun and is set to become a staple of the horror fans Christmas playlist.

Slay Belles is available HERE

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