Await Furthers Instructions review

Taking the age old family that squabbles at Christmas to new levels, Await Further Instructions is a cross between invasion horror and science fiction.

When estranged Nick returns to his family home for the festive season he finds that nothing has really changed in one respect.

His grandad (David Bradley dependable as always) is still a racist, his father is still an arse, his sister still isn’t very bright and his mother is away with the fairies.

When they awake on Christmas morning to find they have been caged into their house and start getting commands from the living room TV set, well things take a distinctively dark turn.

Await is very clever using topical social commentary on racism, terrorism, the establishment and modern day family dynamic to keep you intrigued as some start to unravel.

There are shocking moments and it’s quite nice to see a family that clouds itself in mystery yet remains captivating until its final reel.

It’s not a Christmas horror but more a filmed just set around then, as what better time to get a group together who in most cases don’t like each other.

Await Further Instructions is an interesting hybrid and is certainly one of the most original horror films of the year.

Await Further Instructions is released on DVD on 28th January 2019.

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